The Clash of Three Countries and Dream #020…✔️️

When my parents began to plan their own trip to South America, the one destination my mother was absolutely set on was the Iguazu Falls, the national park which transcends not two, but three country borders.  At first, I wasn't totally enamoured with the idea.  By that point, I'd come up with other ideas for … Continue reading The Clash of Three Countries and Dream #020…✔️️


Brazil’s Northern Wonder: Lençois Maranhenses

I knew that I would have some time to travel during my period in between Brazil and Bolivia, but the problem was knowing where to start.  I did some internet research, coming up with some not-so-inspiring ideas, and was left almost stuck with what to do: I didn't know the continent well enough.  A few … Continue reading Brazil’s Northern Wonder: Lençois Maranhenses

Welcoming a New Year: Carioca Style

New Year's is a pinnacle party every single December.  After a luxurious few days of nothing over Christmas, people get ready to welcome a new year, and for some, they take it with open arms, labelling it as a new start.  This isn't to say that everybody has New Year's resolutions they'll give up on … Continue reading Welcoming a New Year: Carioca Style

Arriving in La Paz: The Next Step

Well friends, I return.  I apologise for my radio silence for the past month, but unfortunately travelling with a four year old phone doesn't allow you the best wifi connection on the planet.  I've been getting my thoughts on these wonderful places ready for you in the meantime, and this week, I'm going to be … Continue reading Arriving in La Paz: The Next Step